Fun in November at Light Hands Equitation Clinic with Tanja

By , November 14, 2016 8:05 pm

Tanja flew in to help a few of us out this November. This was a great clinic. Lots of progress with everyone is a very relaxed setting. Phil Richardson genius saddle fitter, checked all my 3 saddles. The ghost is perfect. The Deuber barock has a broken pommel which is being fixed. And my new ebay wild card purchase, old style Deuber Quantum actually fits after being reflocked! Phil said getting one that fits from an ebay ad is a one in a million chance. He suggested I should also do the lotto this evening 😀

For the clinic, it was great as Tanja helped me so much. Oz and I had had a break for 2 weeks before hand so it was lovely to get back into the saddle and spend time with my horse and some great horse people. We usual we ate too much cake, I laughed at one stage so hard until I was nearly crying and we had lovely weather for November. Oz started off this clinic emotional and jumpy, but with Tanja’s help was a seasoned pro by the end of it and was actually minding other horses as the elder sensible horse! Thanks to everyone who came. Here are the notes from what I did.

Friday Groundwork:

Oz to do half circles in front of me while I walk straight onwards. I need precise HQ yields and then FQ yields. Then do the same in trot. Oz is not to push into me with his inside shoulder.

Walk Oz in a circle, ask his inside leg to come in, and then change direction. Do this in trot as well.

I need to be calm but have more energy.

Ask for walk trot and canter. Push shoulder out to stop Oz pushing in. Ask Oz’s inside leg to come in and change direction.

Friday Riding:

Put on a halter and do a one rein stop in walk and trot. Don’t do this in a hackamore.

Always have a fast walk with me having a relaxed back.

Trot on big circles and leg yield across centre of the circle to change rein.

Tomorrow the plan is more trot and canter groundwork to work through Ozs emotions a little and also to drag stuff noisy stuff around with Oz tomorrow to help him to relaxed more and be less jumpy.

Saturday Groundwork:

I was up working Oz at 8am this morning. I thought we’d do both pieces of homework together so I had him cantering around while I dragged noisy cans & stuff behind him. Then with all that done we got onto the fun riding part! Today was also a huge day as the wonderful Phil Richardson came up for the day from Cork to check saddles for all of the clinic riders.

I walk straight and Oz circles around me. This is a good one to use the whole area so you can see what parts the horse is more or less comfortable in and work on it.

A funny exercise now! Sophie and I stood back to back. Our horses faced each one of us. Then we had to stand still and ask our horses to walk and trot circles around us. Every half circle the horses did Sophie and I had to switch lead ropes. So we were both working with Oz & Degri every time they circled us. Quite fun to see the differences in the horses.

Groundwork trotting over poles. Oz was great at this very relaxed.

Saturday Riding:

Reins in one hand. Use a stick in my inside hand. Ask the inside hind to step under. If the outside shoulder is drifting out, use stick to stop outside shoulder from pushing out.

Get a pretty immediate walk to trot. Ask trot to walk with my seat only by raising my energy. I am not to talk to cluck, or do any extra body movement.

We did lots of trots on large circles, with a loose rein and a relaxed horse. He was stretching out and blowing out while trotting.

When we are trotting around, put up obstacles we can trot over and around to keep Oz focused on the job. Immediate walk to trot, no clucks. I have to smile.

Playing country horse type music is actually lovely to ride to.

We did lots more relaxed trotting about. Improved walk to trot transitions and to ask him to go back to walk, do not say whoa (which he is very good at), just change my seat and sit on my back pockets to ask oz to follow my energy.

Sunday Groundwork:

Ask for walk or halt to trot by standing still and lifting up my leading hand and rope. If Oz ignores me, tap him on the HQ. Oz really got great at this and we got lovely transitions and a lovely relaxed quality of trot once he was trotting about. To stop, Oz has to stop still being on the circle and not turning in.

Sunday Riding:

More long relaxed large circle trots. Nice ask the inside hind to step in.

Open the wooden gate. Good fun and I need to practise so Oz is more relaxed.

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