The Irish Treeless Saddle Review – Meet the Deuber, Grandeur, Barefoot & Ghost saddles

By , December 27, 2015 2:25 pm

I had a rough time over the last year trying to find a nicely fitting treed saddle for my 14.3 medium round, short, Connemara. I wanted something that fitted both me and him, but after watching these saddle fit videos, I discovered that Ireland has a TINY range of saddle makes and models – and none of them suited my horse!

In my quest I’ve gone through:

– 3 bad treed saddles
– 10 bad Irish saddle fitters
– 1 good Irish saddle fitter
– Every tack shop in Ireland & the north
– Many kind UK & German friends who answered all my saddle questions!
– ZERO saddles in Ireland that would fit my horse
– Multiple lost nights of sleep!

I’d be completely happy with a standard treed saddle if I could find one to fit my horse. The problem was I couldn’t find one.

Instead I found some great alternatives, including the Deuber Espaniola, Barefoot Madrid, Grandeur Bareback pad and the Ghost Quevis. I have just published the ‘IRISH TREELESS SADDLES REPORT’ which you can download for free here. Its my journey to find the best saddle for my horse. I hope its useful to you and I wish you a lifetime of great saddle fit.

If you would like to try any of these saddles you can try demo saddle bank one at a clinics.

Download the free ‘IRISH TREELESS SADDLES REPORT’ here.

2 Responses to “The Irish Treeless Saddle Review – Meet the Deuber, Grandeur, Barefoot & Ghost saddles”

  1. Becky Richardson says:

    My husband could have found or made you a saddle to fit your horse he’s a great saddle fitter and saddler. Treeless saddles can also cause problems, we have had to alter a few and they really do not suit some types of horse. You also need to be very careful when riding two point as a traditional tree disperses the pressure of the stirrup bars. Looking forward to reading the report. Thanks

  2. admin says:

    HI Becky, I think we met in Cork 🙂 Phil is great and I have recommended a lot of people to try him if they need an Irish saddle fitter. He helped me a lot to figure out what shape of saddle my horses needs when he visited me 🙂 I had considered getting a saddle made but the time required for that option wasn’t working out. nice to hear from you & tell Phil I said hi! Happy new year, Elaine

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