Horse hair analysis and the food changes adventure

By , August 31, 2015 3:07 pm

A friend of mine had reported very good results after she got her horses hair analysed, and then changed her horses feeding. So I decided to give it a go and track my progress here. First up I put a little mane hair in an envelope and posted it off to Rose. My horse is outside all the time, eats old pasture grass and has a mineral block. He’s healthy and has 1 sarcoid.


Low in vit B, hind gut not working as well as it should and overall a bit acidic. So I was directed to get the following.

So he’s going to get 2 meals a day from now on, also including speedibeat and TopSpec anti-lam. Most of the products in this picture are just for 2-4 weeks only. Rose also suggested I get a mojo band and he’s living out near a telegraph pole. I have no idea if it’ll work but I got one for myself too and will report back.

I will be doing 2 feeds each day, but will start with 1 feed a day for today & tomorrow.

Aug 31: Evening only feed. Dinner #1 went well. Oz sniffed and tasted it for a minute, then ate it and licked the bowl.

Aug 31: Loved his breakfast.

ANALYSIS #2 and #3

Got the hair sample back from our other 16.3 horse. Different things to fix, including low copper, vit E & selenium, low omega 3 and omega 6. She also said hes shows a little arthritis in his base of neck & lumber area. So have a list of things to get, but not as many as Oz!

I also sent away my hair. But I am un-testable!! My energy wasn’t compatible. 😀 I guess I’m off the charts in either a good or a bad way lol!

Sep 3: Day 2 feeding our bay horse, day 3 feeding Ozzie. Oz cantered up when he saw the bucket. Quite funny.

Sep 3: MOJO bands update. I feel the exactly the same. No obvious changes in my horse. But according to the sleep cycle app on my phone, I’m sleeping a lot better!

Sep 17: Food update

– Top spec and anti lam twice a day, ongoing and can do this forever.
– Kidney & spleen tonics – to use for 1 month. One will last the month, the other will last about 3 weeks as both horses are getting it.
– Myogard – 2 weeks. Finished now, all good.
– Transit – 2 weeks or ongoing. I have half a tub left so I’ll keep going.
– Shy Feeder vit b for 4 weeks. Half way through so will keep going.

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