Grey Horse Apps featured in Horse & Rider USA magazine, Sep 2012.

Quotes from Horse & Hound, April 2012:

“Available for both the iPhone App Store and Android Market, Grey Horse Apps has by far the best range” Horse and Hound magazine.

“Horsemanship’ [app] the first in an excellent series of training apps followed by ‘Groundwork’ and ‘Riding Exercises’. Horse & Hound.

“[Grey Horse Apps] ‘riding exercises’ regularly wins five-star rating in the USA and the UK and it has just launched the first of a series of equestrian apps whcih includes content from a top trainer” Horse & Hound.

“Equine Vet [app], extraordinarily extensive health information and diagnosis” says HORSE & HOUND.

Five of our Grey Horse Apps are featured in Horse & Hounds list of ‘APPSOLUTELY BRILLIANT’ Apps: Horsemanship, Groundwork, Riding Exercises, Equine Vet & Equine conformation.

“The creative force behind Grey Horse Apps is Elaine Heney, who got into it as a spin-off from her website,” Horse & Hound.

“Appsolutely brilliant” says Horse & Hound.

Online version here., April 3rd 2012: Our Steve Halfpenny Silversand Horsemanship iPhone/iPad apps get a great review in “Ahead of the curve on many levels… Halfpenny is a master at seeing the world through a horse’s eyes”

Irish Independent, March 20, 2012.

Our Equine Vet & Groundwork apps were featured in, Feb 2012.

“Groundwork: A simple and elegantly made app to freshen up your groundwork. This app divides its lesson plans into categories by goal, such as improving impulsion, confidence, lateral movement, tacking up, and circling. Each category gives you an idea of the movement, the goal, and troubleshooting. Sadly, they have no plans to release a version that cures rope burn. The Equine Vet app covered ten common issues, and also a full vet exam with 120 questions. “

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