Silversand Foundation Skills 2

The Silversand Horsemanship Programme is designed to teach the principles of good horsemanship to people who desire to work in a way that is more fitting to the horse’s point of view. Created by Steve Halfpenny, it takes into account the horse’s natural way of dealing with new situations and places and works on the supposition that he is always trying his best to deal with what is being presented to him. It is also the awareness that some things appear to the horse to be of a life threatening nature although this is not always apparent to us. In fact the hardest thing for us as humans to do is to be able to see things from our horse’s perspective. If we are unable to do this we will never truly get to the point where we can work together with the unity that comes from being totally tuned into each other.

Silversand foundation skills are designed to teach you how a horse thinks and learns, and has an emphasis on safety and control. In Foundation skills 1 you have already learned how to teach your horse how to become a confident, soft, riding horse.

Foundation skills 2 are designed to improve confidence and yields.

Groundwork skills:

– Ask your horse to circle to the right and left
– Cause your horse to move from a circle into a sideways movement
– Cause your horse to move sideways to the left and right without using the fence
– Cause your horse to squeeze between you and the fence to the right and left
– Trailer loading

Riding skills:

– Bend your horse, yield the hindquarters and lead the front end through
– Walk trot transition
– At the lope show that you can yield your horse to a stop
– Back your horse a few steps
– Yield your horse sideways a few steps

App features:

– Over 1 hour of instructional videos by Steve Halfpenny
– 10 Foundation skills explained in detail
– The horsemanship quiz
– Continuation of the exercises & principals in the ‘Silversand Foundation Skills 1’ app
– Worldwide Silversand clinic dates and information
– Information on the Silversand online club


This app is for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This app is over 1GB in size and will require wifi for initial downloading for all of the videos. This app requires internet access during use.