Physical Horse

Welcome to the Physical Horse. This app contains over 85 quiz questions and 200 drawings and illustrations of the physical horse. Confused between sweet itch and splints, a curb and a chestnut, or fetlocks and forelocks? Use the Physical Horse App to improve your knowledge of six main parts of the physical horse including:

-31 parts of the horse
-Ages of growth of horses from birth to maturity
-Introduction to the parts of the hoof
-20 common ailments and injuries
-Overview of the bones
-The teeth and how to tell a horse’s age

Each topic has four easy steps to help you learn:

-Study the overview and learn all of the areas labelled in your own time.
-Practise what you know in our practise areas.
-Then challenge yourself by looking at the illustrations without any labels.
-Finally, put your new knowledge to the test in our ultimate quizes.

Have fun learning with friends, use this as a resource for stable management lessons or just use it to improve your knowledge of the physical horse.

Now available on the iPhone