Physical Horse 3

Training terms and quotes – 10 definitions/illustrations, 7 inspiring horse training quotes and 2 fun quizzes.

Sequence of footfall – 6 illustrations of the sequence of footfall in walk, trot, canter and gallop and a quiz.

5 footfall exercises – Figuring out the front feet movement in walk from feel, influencing the front feet from feel in walk, walk to trot transitions and use of the correct diagonal from feel, hind feet footfall from feel and how to influence the hind feet.

Body language – A description of a horse who is tense and braced through his body, and also of a horse who is soft, comfortable and relaxed and how the body of a horse is directly linked to his state of mind. Also includes a short quiz.

Types of clip – 4 types of common horse clip with illustrations and a quiz.

Use of legs and reins – Instructions for the use of your legs and reins when riding and a short quiz to test your knowledge.