Ozzie’s Story

OZZIE : The story of a young horse

As featured on ‘New and Noteworthy’ in the Irish App Store, Jan 2011.

Published Dec 2008. ISBN: 978-0955265327 Paperback: 254 pages. Read the first chapter here.

“I bought Ozzie over a year ago as a green five year old at the sales in Kilkenny. As we unloaded him in Tipperary that night I realised I had a restart on my hands. This is the story of how we progressed.

Early reviews have described this book as “beautifully written, fantastic, totally addictive reading. Elaine captures you and drags you into her world. What came across from Ozzie’s story was that there’s so much learning that happens on both side of the horse human partnership. Having young horses could become addictive, it’s such a gift being able to watch them grown and learn, I’m loving it.”

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Amazon review: 5 stars, brilliant! 4 Jan 2009 S. Cheeseman UK
I got this book for Christmas and subsequently spent every free minute for the next 5 days engrossed in it. It is extremely funny and very interesting, Elaine Heney has an excellent writing style that makes it very easy to read (It was very good bedtime reading). As well as this, it is extremely informative and would be a great book for anyone wanting to bring on a young horse, whatever its background. Thoroughly recommend this book to anyone.

Amazon review: 5 stars, Ozzie: The Story of a Young Horse 16 Feb 2009 MO’C Ireland
This is a must-read for any horse lover. I loved Elaine’s easy writing style and having read so many other horse training books this is definitely one to hold to heart. Ozzie’s story is so real and honest! For anyone working with their own young horse this book is full of great training tips and words of wisdom, which are like gold when your bringing on a horse. And if your not? Well, it is quite simply a lovely read.

As featured on ‘New and Noteworthy’ in the Irish App Store, Jan 2011.