Becoming a talented horse trainer is more than just learning and practising your skills and ridden work. Horsemanship begins with an understanding of the horse itself, and from this developing principals and methods you will use in your interactions with your horse. Being able to work with horses efficiently, safety and with skill offers a lifetime of fun and education. I firmly believe the horse gives back to us more than we can ever give to them.

This app contains the following topics and exercises:

• The inspiration
• The equipment
• Safety
• About you
• Different horses
• Follow your gut
• Think for yourself
• The methods
• Using small cues
• Exercises, including stick and rope exercises, do not get run over, confidence, engaging the mind and moving forwards.

This app is the first is a series of training apps. After this is the ‘Groundwork’ App, and then the ‘Riding Exercises and Riding Exercises 2’ Apps.

Now available on Android, iPad & iPhone.