IHWT Save a horse

Save a Horse :: Irish Horse Welfare Trust iPhone App

By buying this app you are supporting horses in difficulties in Ireland. The Irish Horse Welfare Trust is a registered charity no. CHY14634. You can also donate directly to the IHWT at www.ihwt.ie

This app contains seventeen topics including:

•About the IHWT
•IHWT video
•Good new stories
•IHWT benefits
•Managing your horse’s weight
•Grass kept horses
•Hot weather
•Dental care
•Worming tips
•Sponsor a horse
•Volunteering opportunities
•Ways to donate
•Fundraising ideas

You can also share this app on twitter and facebook, and donate through the app to the IHWT.

About IHWT: The Irish Horse Welfare Trust, Charity No. CHY14634 was established in 1999 and gained charitable status in 2002. IHWT is involved in the following work:

Rescue, rehabilitation & re-homing of horses and ponies.
Racehorse re-training for re-homing programme.
Campaigning on issues affecting equines.
Promoting equine welfare awareness and education

IHWT operates from it’s a 68 acre farm in Woodenbridge, Co. Wicklow. The IHWT Equine Welfare Centre was purchased in 2008 following a capital appeal for the charity to buy its own premises having rented for almost 10 years. Visit the IHWT online at www.ihwt.ie

About this app: This app was created free of charge by www.greyhorseapps.com in support of the work the IHWT do to help horses in need throughout Ireland.

Available now on the iPhone