Equine vet

The ‘Equine vet’ app is a veterinary app for horse owners. It contains the 10 most common equine health, disease and illnesses you need to be familiar with as a horse owner. It also includes chapters on the expectant and foaling mare, and an Equine Veterinary Exam with over 120 questions. This app was created by registered veterinary surgeon Pat Power, M.V.B., M.R.C.V.S, from Ireland.

This app contains the following content:

– Equine veterinary exam with over 100 multiple choice questions covering gastric ulcers, sweet itch, colic, parasites, lameness, dental care, mud rash, vaccinations, stranges, the expectant and foaling mare, and laminitis.

-Parasites, including large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, tapeworms, pinworns, bots and threadworms, common signs and management.

-Laminitis, including the causes, risk factors, signs of acute laminitis, signs of chronic laminitis and treatment.

-Gastric ulcers; symptoms and treatment.

-Vaccinations, including tetanus/lock jaw, influenza, rhinopneumonitis and rotavirus.

-Lameness; description and recommendation.

-Dental care, including the 6 most common dental problems and 8 signs there may be a dental problem.

-Sweet itch; description and management.

-Mud rash; description and treatments.

-Strangles, including description and symptoms.

-Colic, including 16 signs of colic, what information to provide your vet when contacting them, steps to be taken the three main colic types explained, treatment options, and recommended management and preventatice tips including feeding mainly roughage, limiting grain based feeds and daily turnout or exercise.

-Expectant mare, including care of the expectant mare.

-Foaling mare, including what to watch out for at an impending foaling, what to do during the first stages of foaling, the three stages of labour and 10 observations to be made after the birth to check the health of mare and foal.

This app requires internet access during installation and use.