Horse riding principals and lessons

This app is designed to help you to improve your ridden work. It contains exercises to practise at home and in groups. Importantly, this app also contains over 60 back pocket horsemanship concepts to incorporate into all your ridden work. It’s not just about practising, it’s about practising the right thing. You should always use the least amount of pressure to get the job done. The horse can always change. Age doesn’t matter. Through all of the training and education, give your horse a purpose and meaning for all of the movements. Get your horse soft and ride with quality.

This app contains:

– Over 60 back pocket horsemanship principals
– Ridden hindquarter and forequarter yields, including yielding a green horse
– Walk and soft feel, and working with a barrel
– Horsemanship quiz
– Small serpentines
– Backup exercise for two horses
– Keeping a cow/horse out of the herd
– Dragging objects