Silversand Footfall

Welcome to Silversand Horsemanship. Our goal is to help you find and unlock the amazing hidden potential that lies in every horse. This app is designed to teach you the horses footfall at the walk, trot and canter focusing on the moment the feet leave the ground. The information in this app can help you to get the lightness and responsiveness that will set you apart from the average horse person.


– Background, goals and requirements.
– Over 1 hour of instruction and exercise movies from Steve Halfpenny from Silversand Australia, one of the world’s top horsemanship trainers.
– Footfall quiz. Test your knowledge of horsemanship and footfall.
– About Silversand.
– How to visit.
– Clinics in the USA, Australia, UK & Europe.
– Online learning club.


Being able to ride my horse in time with his feet movement has made the biggest improvement to my riding in over 28 years. Being able to listen and see Steve on my iPhone in Ireland, while I train my horse, is nothing short of inspirational. If you want to improve your horsemanship dramatically, this app is a must buy. Elaine Heney, Ireland.

This is a 5* purchase, anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship should look at this dvd. A clear concise description of how the horse moves, together with excellent slow motion footage with good voice over. Learning to place the feet like this you will soon progress to lateral moves, a great buy for anyone interested in soft supple work and then dressage… Mary House.


This app is for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This app is over 800Mb in size and will require wifi for initial downloading for all of the videos. This app requires internet access during use.

Now available on the app store.