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100 things your horse wants you to know… for FREE!

To celebrate being nominated for a Social Media Award, we have two very special apps for you, free for the next two weeks!

FREE from April 25 until May 10: Want to make a huge difference in your riding? Here are the 100 things your horse wants to you know. Whether you hack out for pleasure, showjump, event or compete in dressage, this app will help you understand your horses perspective and improve your riding skills. Perfect for when you are planning a training session with your horse.

-Bring the horse to the mounting block, not the mounting block to the horse.
-Don’t make the horse canter. Just get him ready to canter.
-If you relax when you ask, the horse will relax when they respond.

Available for iPhone/iPodTouch & iPad in the App store.

The Cockney Alphabet – FREE APP!

FREE from April 25 until May 10: The Cockney Alphabet – A is for ‘Orses / Hay is for horses. Enjoy this beautifully illustrated Alphabet by Malcolm Stirling with your children. This app contains the 26 letters of the Alphabet with a humorous twist.

– ‘A is for ‘Orses
– Beef for Mutton
– C for yourself?
– F for mation
– E for brick

Available on iTunes now for iPhone, iPad & iPodTouch.

Grey Horse Apps nominated for the Social Media Awards

Grey Horse Apps are nominated for Social Media Awards 2012 for our ‘Save a horse’ app for iOS & Android.

Startup weekend London inspires new travel apps

Three weeks ago, Grey Horse Apps, an Irish based startup participated in Startup Weekend London, held at the new CampusLondon at Silicon Roundabout. Realising during the weekend that more people than ever are forced to look for work and new opportunities abroad, Grey Horse Apps developed a new travel app for iPhone and iPad, to connect people with their roots.

Published today, the eagerly anticipated ‘Travel home’ app, allows users anywhere in the world to see in real time how far away they are from home. As the user walks, cycles, drives or travels by airplane, the app updates as they move.

This is the first in a series of new travel apps by the disruptive startup, who was recently nominated for the 2012 social media awards.

Halfpenny is a master at seeing the world through a horse’s eyes

April 2012: Our Steve Halfpenny Silversand Horsemanship iPhone/iPad apps get a wonderul review in “Ahead of the curve on many levels… Halfpenny is a master at seeing the world through a horse’s eyes”

Phone app helps riders to improve technique

A five star review of ‘How to paint a horse’


The ‘How to paint a dog’ app from European award winner MJ Ribbink gets a five star review on the app store.

Ssshhh…. top secret apps in development!!!

We have a number of top secret apps in development… our first app is a very handy travel app!! The first build is in and it is looking very useful & slick! More coming, stay tuned….!

Help us develop a remarkable horsemanship app

Check out & sponsor our campaign right here on

Grey Horse Apps need your help to support our design and development work of a ‘big concept’ horse riding training app. This remarkable app will be crowdfunded on until to Apr 9, 2012. You can sponsor this project from $10, and rewards include horse training notes, signed equestrian book and cdroms, beautiful sterling silver horsehair bracelets made from your own horse hair and lunch with the CEO of Grey Horse Apps.

Support our work by sharing our bages on facebook and twitter.

Check out our video, put together by the Grey Horse to explain more!

Proposed app content:

Soft feel
Getting in time with the horses feet
A balanced horse at halt
Using a change of balance at halt to prepare to move one foot laterally
Ask your horse to concentrate physically and mentally on your work together
Teaching personal space
Backup with soft feel
Always do less
Feeling for & of the horse