Ghost Quevis treeless saddle review

By , February 28, 2016 1:46 pm

I am very excited to finally update you on how I got on with the Ghost Quevis treeless saddle.

I had to look at treeless saddles as having gone through 4 treed saddles, most of which were approved by saddle fitters and ALL of which hurt my horse.

I’ve tested these saddles so far on my round, short, 14.3 Connemara:

– Deuber Espanoila Baroque style leather treed saddle from Germany
– Barefoot Madrid German treeless saddle
– Grandeur bareback pad (not a saddle but great when you don’t have a saddle that fits!)
– Ghost Quevis treeless saddle

This is my review & feedback on the Ghost Quevis saddle. The short version is I love it!

You can get the Quevis in different sizes. The size depends on the rights weight and height. I’m about a UK size 8 and just over 5 foot tall, so my size is a piccolo.

Other than that, the saddle is as it is. 1 pommel width which very weirdly seems to work for my horse. The panels underneath can be adjusted, so mine are now about 4 thin fingers width apart when I’m riding (the move a little to the sides when there’s a rider in the saddle).

There are 2 stirrup positions, I’m using the most forward one and it seems to give me a nice position in the saddle.

The saddle is quite short, so perfect for a Connemara a smidge under 15 hands.

One unusual thing about this saddle is the very very short saddle flaps. ACTUALLY – this makes this saddle better than other saddles!

It turns out having a saddle flap actually gets in your way and without the flap, your leg is right beside your horse and I got some lovely lateral work with this close contact.

I really like the knee blocks with this saddle. I felt really secure throughout in this saddle. However it doesn’t feel quite as secure as a treed saddle when I am trotting.

It’s got a narrow twist (this is the opposite to feeling like you’re sitting on a wide barrel!) and the seat is very thick & comfy with very nice leather made in Italy.

This saddle is also REALLY light.

They call it ghost because it’s meant to feel like its not there. I really really like this saddle.

It’s also interesting to compare all 3 treeless saddles together, after trying them all out on my Connemara.

I have written a long report with all the info & comparisons between the DEUBER Vs. BAREFOOT Vs. GHOST. You can download the full TREELESS SADDLES REPORT here.

If you ride in a treeless saddle, I’ve love to hear your experiences!

Leave me a comment below & let me know how its going. 🙂 If you have any recommendations for a treeless saddle I could try for my Connemara, let me know in the comments.

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  1. jinx says:

    Your review was very helpful. I have a Connemara/Arab/Tb cross who is so difficult to fit, lots of shoulder action, high withers, and a dippy back. Sounds like this could possibly work for her, as well as myself (I am short and need a narrow to medium twist, most treeless saddles are way to bulky). I hope to find one to demo, fingers crossed, here in the US. Thank you.

  2. Julie Baxter says:

    I use the Trekker Bascule on my New Forest pony and I love both the look and feel of it. I will happily write a review and would love to hear from others who use this most versatile saddle.

  3. Rocky says:

    Marlene at badlands equine in Oregon sells ghost saddles and had a demo program. She is great! Very helpful and easy to work with.

  4. Jackie Morrison says:

    Have you tried an Ansur? They are pricey but I’d love to know how they compare to the ghost

  5. Anna Davey says:

    I have a Quevis and it is the best saddle for me and my horse EVER! I had a Wintec for the first few years which was good in that it could be adjusted, but my horse did not have freedom of movement in it. I then tried a few other saddle including the Barefoot which I did not get on with – it felt like a barrel and I felt very unsafe in it, it would also slip. For me Ghost saddles are a revelation – my horse has great movement in the Quevis, it’s as light as a feather and is very comfortable and secure for us both. Another bonus is that you can easily change the look of a Ghost saddle – all of the different styles fit on one base, so I can change my Quevis top for a Firenze or a Roma if I fancy more of a dressage look – genius! Not all saddles are for all horses so Ghost allow you to trial their saddle at a cost which makes life much easier. If anyone is thinking of buying a treeless saddle then I can highly recommend giving the Ghost a go!

  6. Kerstin says:

    Dear Elaine
    saw your post regarding the Ghost saddle the other day and did some reading since. I have a similar problem as you described,- have a Barefoot Cheyenne,- though I am happy with it (not feeling too wide etc),- my mare must have changed shape in the last while. It was fitting great and in the last while it started to slip. Like the description of the Quevis, especially leaving all the space for the shoulder-action. As there is no dealer for the saddles here in Ireland,- where abouts are you? Would it be possible to have a look or even try out your saddle before I go ahead and order one. Neither the UK nor the German dealers seem to offer any trials to Ireland, so I am a little stuck here.
    Thanks for your time

  7. admin says:

    Hi Kerstin, I’m in Tipperary. If you come to a clinic with your horse you’re welcome to try out my Ghost.

  8. Hi Jinx,

    I have a tb x quarter horse who sounds as if he has a very similar shape to your mare- very steep withers and his back looks dippy as a result.
    I’ve tried several treed and treeless makes recently, but nothing has worked- everything is either too tight on his shoulders or compresses down on his withers. I’ve spent a fortune in arranging saddle trials!
    Ghost is next on my list,so I wondered how you got on?
    I’m really hoping it was a success, fingers crossed…


  9. admin says:

    Try Deuber – both Espaniola and the Buckeburger / Amarant. Worked great for a friend with high wither & what then looks like a dippy back.

  10. Helen says:

    I also have a Connemara and I have been through many saddle fitters and saddles/. I decided to take matters into my own hands and purchased the Port Lewis Saddle fit system and the flexible Ghost Quevis. Finally…. the horse is happier, the saddle fits and I am impressed with the quality and price.
    You can shim the saddle, add extra padding, customise the seat etc. Although Ghost are treeless saddles, the design is really a soft pseudo-tree.

  11. Lena says:

    I have 3 Enlightened Equitation saddles. 2 of the leather treed Flexee’s and one Flexee with the changeable gullets. I use the last one without gullet on my stallion. Have had Torsion and Barefoot before but these are brilliant for my horses.

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