From scruffy saddle to a work of beauty!

By , August 29, 2016 5:22 pm

I bought a lovely new Italian saddle about 6 months ago. My horse moves really well in it, but its starting to look little less than new. So time for a clean & oil.

I had recently been sent a few little bottles of ‘Lord’ leather conditioner to test, based on a 50 year old recipe from America. So off I went.

 photo IMG_4286.jpg

Here are some before pictures of my saddle. As you can see it is:

  • A bit dry in some places
  • Dirty & scruffy
  • Marks on it
  • Needs to be cleaned and conditioned
  • It looks old
  •  photo 2 before.png

    I read the instructions on the back of the leather conditioner:

  • Clean leather with mild soap and allow to dry
  • Apply evenly with a lint free applicator or paint brush
  • Dry overnight
  • Wipe off excess and buff
  • So I’ve got as far as the first 2 steps. Here are some things I liked:

  • The saddle looks new again!
  • Saddle looks a LOT cleaner, no more scruff marks
  • Leather feels softer which is great after the Lord oil
  • The whole process was very quick, it took about 10 minutes
  • The easiest way to apply the oil was to pour a little on the saddle (it only comes out a little at a time which made it easy) and then rub it in with a cloth
  • The small oil bottle was very handy and it stopped me spilling half the oil on the floor which I usually do when using oil from larger tins. Definitely a bonus!
  •  photo 4.png

    I’m very happy with the result & will definitely be using the rest of the Lord leather care bottles on my other saddles.

    We are ready now for our next lesson!

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