DAY 4 Jeff Sanders clinic Australia April 2017

By , April 12, 2017 6:54 am


Warm up:

– When I do halt with a rounded back it is great.
– Did a few lovely trot shoulder in to HQs in.
– Circle, shoulder in, push the HQs out and then power out of it.
– When doing shoulder in, finish off the straight line after the move.
– Toe out to move the hind
– Keep hands at the pommel
– Do walk the line, do 180 turn on the HQ, keep weight on the inside, when doing turn on HQ, weight on inside foot and look where I’m going.

Collection exercises:

– Walk in a straight line, relaxed on a loose rein, with relaxed human posture.
– To collect horse, change your posture, do serpentine circle with shoulder in, HQ in, leg yield, etc on the circle part.
– Stay collected until you’re back on a straight line.
– Sit up tall with good posture
– Then move my hands forwards and up
– Notice when the horse moves from collection to his weight changing to being on the forehand
– Does it happen immediately? Do you get 1 step?


– Put obstacles all around the arena.
– Do HQ in, shoulder in, sidepass along poles, etc. A brilliant exercise exercise.
– The big thing is not what your horse is doing, is it are we aware of what they are doing.

“If you have the ability to feel changes in tension and muscle texture in your horse, that was what we call ‘good feel'”.

Think of 2 basic postures in the saddle:

1 – You’re working and collected, and you have tall upright posture.
2 – You’re relaxed.

Both postures are totally different and there is no in between.

“The moment you have tension in the poll you have lost everything”.


With Kola I worked on not having a low head position. The result was 6 steps of self carriage!

Then we had fun doing partner mirror stuff.

I then had a 1-1 lesson with Jeff, my goal was to go over all the stuff from yesterdays video and see has it improved.

– Everything had improved after my practise yesterday afternoon.
– To stop my pelvis tipping forward, pull in my belly button
– On circles, sit a little in the inside and it actually centers you in the saddle when doing circles.
– Shoulder in. Put my toe out, if the front end of the horse wobbles, then switch my legs and fix it with my leg
– Look where I’m going to make sure my shoulders are correct
– Hands in the centre of the mane during lateral work, my hands tends to drift to one side and I’m not aware of it.
– HQ in. Toe out, hands at center of the mane not out to one side.
– Sometimes I hole my hands a little too high.

What a GREAT clinic! It was lovely to be able to ride Steve Halfpenny’s horse Kola who is a superstar in every way.

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