Day 3: Light Hands Equitation Steve Halfpenny and the incredible Tipperary clinic 2016

By , June 29, 2016 9:43 pm

Day 3 was insane. Everyone went up a few levels.

Things started to take more shape and huge progress was made all round. Here is what I got up to with Oz who was his usual funny & big hearted self.

Steve Halfpenny was a legend.


– We did HQ in along a fence line in hand. I was walking between Oz & the fence line. I had reins on Oz. Oz’s nose was tipped away from the fence line. I bumped Oz’s hip also away from the fence line. So as we walked down the fence line, Oz’s nose & HQ were pointed away from the fence (towards the center of the field). This was a lot of fun. At the end of the fence line then we played with moving into an in hand walk pirouette. Oz was great, very patient & seemed pretty relaxed about the whole thing. This was really cool.


– We warmed up by trotting around lots of circles both ways and in between cones. Great stuff. Steve said Oz is getting more relaxed & more balanced in trot.

– Leg yield across the field. Then keep the same bend, but put on my outside leg and HQ in on the diagonal back the way we came. Oz’s habit is to push through his shoulder. To fix this I can go back to halt, get the correct bend and then try again to get the hind end to move first. Or, in walk, fix the shoulders so he is in the right shape, and then ask for HQ in again.

I also need to keep my shoulders level when I do this.

– Walk a straight line, move the shoulders to one side a little and do HQ in one way. Straight line, move the shoulders to the other side and do HQ in on the other side.

– Half pass. This is HQ in across the diagonal. If the shoulders go too fast, slow down the outside shoulder and move the HQs over more.

– Later on I played with leg yield both ways while going the same direction across the field.

– We did backup figure of 8s, Oz was very good.

– We did walk with HQ in both directions all in the same direction.

– For the HQ in, at the start Steve helped by touching Oz to move his HQ over when needed. After a while I was on my own… the secret was to make sure the shoulders were lined up correctly on a counter bend on a circle. When this was done, then HQ out (I guess) was much easier. When Oz pushed through the front and I lost the nice shoulder counter bend, I had to fix the shoulder bend before asking for the HQ again.

– For walk pirouettes, this is a HQ in on a small circle… some great bits then Oz would stop moving the HQ in and straighten up. When he did this, to fix it I moved the shoulders out, thus magically getting the right shape again (HQ in) and off we went again. Also after the walk pirouette its best to do a few more steps of HQ in and then release when I decide, not even Ozzie decides.

WHAT A DAY!! Halfpass, HQ in, leg yields, walk pirouettes…. NO IDEA what I’ll do tomorrow but I need to think of something this evening so I can let Steve know!!

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