10 exercises for the winter

By , December 24, 2013 12:18 pm

Exercises for the Winter which you might find useful (from Steve Halfpenny’s Kent clinic).

– Do more one rein riding to establish softness while moving. Oz not ready for 2 reins yet (braces instead of softening when you pick them up).

– 10 lateral flexions, don’t change balance.

– Teardrop circle, bend on circle then bring FQ over to make sure direct rein is still there.

– Circle in walk when riding. Horse to keep head to inside by himself. As you circle, take rein quickly then release. Horse not to lean on your hands. Also keep forwards and don’t fall in.

– Walk straight. Look left and your body should turn left a little as well. Horse should also look then go left. If not, pick up one rein and ask him to go left. Repeat till you can steer horse by changing where you are looking.

– Riding – To do a FQ yield, rope, hand and elbow to be in a straight line. Then move all back to your opposite hip for FQ yield.

– Circle backwards. Use string if required, don’t pull on reins.

– Backup, ask nicely (heels forward and down, shoulders up and back, light rein) if no mvt do not increase rein pressure, instead twirl rope at shoulders or similar. Don’t pull on reins to get backwards.

– Backup as fast as a trot, and backup in circle.

– Figure out footfall.

– Roping! Drag stuff!

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