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Welcome to Irish Horsemanship 2017/2018. We are a community of horsemen & women of all disciplines in Ireland, dedicated to improving our horsemanship. We run clinics with many of the best horse trainers in the world. You can join the early bird list here. Our clinics are ideal for riders who want to get more softness and lightness in their riding, to communicate more effectively, improve their relationship with their horse and to develop greater trust and understanding with their horse. We have had dressage horses, hunters, show horses, showjumpers, drafts, racehorses, ponies, lovely cobs – literally all types and at all levels from beginners to advanced. We can promise you lots of learning with like minded people, new friends on the same journey, spending the day with your horse, great trainers and the best chocolate cakes.

We are influenced by trainers including Steve & Irena Halfpenny, Tanja Penders, Jeff Sanders, Mark & Crissi Rashid and Manolo Mendez.

Join our free online community and stay in touch. There are no limits to the amazing things you can achieve with your horse, using understanding, empathy, feel, timing, balance, focus, determination, patience, light hands and a kind heart.

To contact us, send email: chocolatelabhelp AT

When you first start to learn about how to teach horses to be soft, balanced, relaxed and forward you will feel a little overwhelmed at what it takes.

Your friends might be out on their young or green horse or older horse with history charging about in groups. You will be walking squares and side passing and getting that back up just a little better.

Others will be out trying to force their horse through something trying to beat the clock or impress a judge. You will be correcting slight balance inconsistencies whilst walking, trotting and loping on a loose rein.

Some will be reefing their horse to a stop, hauling on it for a turn and spurring it to go trying to work a cow. You will be helping your horse to better understand that accepting the bit and following a soft feel is much better than avoiding it or leaning on it to protect himself.

Riders you know, might be trying to make their horse go near something they are worried about and you will be busy teaching yours that something is ok. They will be focused on blaming the environment or the horses past for their failings. You will be busy working on what needs working on with the horse you have in front of you.

One day you will see them running the energy off their rushy, braced,confused , tolerant horse so they can ride it, from, the back of your, soft, relaxed, confident, brave, balanced, energetic sound amazing horse. And you will know how to improve on that not make it worse. There is no magic training, or magic equipment. That is all.

Ok that is not all. Those others that I talked about will probably tell you how fortunate you are to have lucked upon a horse with such a great temperament or that you would find things different if he were a hotter breed. Chances are most of them wont even know enough to recognise the way your horse carries himself or moves as an improvement.

Don’t expect any praise. Your enjoyment should come from your own sense of achievement and the fact that riding horses that operate like the one you trained is addictive. Written by Ian Leighton

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